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Brand Image Assessment & Written Summary: $50.00 

Karen Marie's Stock Photography


Strong and authentic brand images are key to creating a stand out brand. They are important for communicating your brand message, and for visually narrating your story. They also tell people something about you and your brand personality or persona when images are curated and posted strategically. When consistent, brand images visually outline your brand's core values or those things that are important to your brand's identity. Brand images are a visual promise for consumers who come to expect the same type of images and content each and every time they come in contact with your brand. 

I love providing additional services that support my clients with elevating their visual brand. 

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I'm Karen Marie, a Personal Brand Photographer, writer, blogger and Brand Image Consultant! I would love to work with you!

Photo Editing Services

Having images that are impeccably and authentically edited are important to projecting a professional visual brand. Below are editing services that we offer:

  • Proper Cropping and resizing

Proper cropping vs Improper cropping. Improperly edited photos los digital information (pixels) which results in loss of picture clarity and sharpness. Pixels can not be added back once they are removed from an image. Many people make the mistake of making headshots from images that are not meant to be headshots. For example, technically, you can not take a full body shot and crop down to a headshot because the picture will lose it quality and integrity. A poorly edited image sends a message, but not the message you intended.

  • Color Correction

  • Cosmetic Editing

  • Wrinkle/Blemish softening

As we grow, we will be adding more images to the

collection and different packages.

Single images are $15.00 each

Brand Image Consulting

Helping entrepreneurs design a unique and authentic visual story

This is an intensive, work with me one on one in creating or re-branding an online digital presence. In this collaboration, the client and I will explore their brand vision, message, brand personality, brand colors, and values that form the foundation of a strong, and unique visual brand.  With this package the client will receive:

  • My signature branding questionnaire used in my creative personal brand photoshoots. 

  • Brand Image Style Guide with written activities.

  • Face to face, phone  or virtual consults

  • This package also comes with discount towards your own Personal Brand photoshoot with me! 

 My Brand Image Assessment tools: are used to assess your online images in visually communicating your brand message and/or story in a consistent manner. This tool looks across four different social media platforms (i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, & Twitter)  to evaluate the consistency of curating images that project your core brand elements such as your brand message,  core values, and brand promise. This package will support you selecting (aka curating) the right images that are in alignment with your brand. My Brand Image Assessment package comes with the following:  

  • Two Phone or Video Consults

  • Brand Image Assessment Evaluation tool

  • Written Summary of findings with suggestions to elevate your Visual Brand

For my signature brand photography services and investment: click here

Personalized Brand Image Consulting $125.00

Helping entrepreneurs design unique and authentic digital Visual Story and Brand Message.


My Brand Visibility Services

$15.00 an image