Creating 'stand-out' images & brand solutions that visually communicate your brand message and your story with  power, authenticity and truth!

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My five week 'CAP-ti-VATE Your Brand' Training Module comes with workbook, includes full layout photo shoot!  Social media assessment of your photos across various sites. Sign up for free 1 hour brand image training session! Click here

My Signature Personal Brand Image Photo Shoot package includes full layout photo shoot with your own personalized, digital vision board, style session, personal shopping available for an extra fee. Click here to purchase!

My Vibrant, no frills head shots package! Click here to purchase! 

Special Event Photography captures candid, and formal images of your company's event.  Contact me for event fee.

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Karen Marie Jenkins, is a visual brand entrepreneur, personal brand photographer, speaker and trainer who inspires her audience to embrace and project their authentic selves. Her talks provide business women with informative, and practical content for creating and projecting a vibrant brand image and message that CAP-ti-VATES the mind of their target audience. With her skills as a personal brand photographer, she gives her audience insight on producing images that align with their brand message in a captivating, authentic and personalized way. Naturally an encourager, Karen  

empowers women to be bold and go for their dreams! Karen knows what if feels like to be unsure and not confident about oneself, so she is invested in supporting women and girls in projecting a stand out image that aligns with who they are: their brand message! 

With an eighteen year, career in Higher Education as a full time faculty and administrator developing 'Learner-Centered' & 'Adult-Learner' training programs and workshops, Karen's experiences lend themselves for informative, and engaging talks that will inspire, and empower your business group. See Karen's 'About Me' page for more information! 

    ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​    CAP-TI-VATE YOUR BRAND! 

We produce creative, on-trend images that inspire today's modern lifestyle, woman and girl to embrace 

their Power, Authenticity and Truth with confidence and style! We do this through a number of branding solutions that, include our signature brand photo shoot package which comes with all the bells and whistles of a mini-commercial shoot without the sticker shock. We also support our clients with brand image consulting, training options and packages to ensure that you project a standout image that aligns with who you are and and your unique brand message. Hire Karen M. .Jenkins of Karen Marie Images & Branding for informative, practical and engaging talks that will inspire, and empower your business group. 

We also offer business and corporate head shots, event photography (click here) and actor/model head shots and branding portfolios for pre-teens (click here).

    Signature Services!


› Personal Brand Photographer

› Execute brand level photography

› Create & implement photo brand strategies &                  solutions for business clients.

 Personal Styling & fashion tips for clients.

 Brand Image consultant, trainer & speaker.

› Fashion, personal shopper services. 
 Corporate/traditional head shots.

› Corporate workplace Trainer: personal development           &Adult learner train-the-trainer workshops.​​

›​ Special Event Photographer.​
› Tween Girl Fashion Editorial Photographer.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Cap-ti-Vate Your Brand! 

             Quick Quiz...

1.  Does your visual brand looked tired? 

2.  Does it line up with who you are, and what                    you represent?

3.  Do you have pictures or images? 

4.  Are your images vibrant, contemporary and                   sophisticated? 

5.  Could your look, or style in your photos use                   an upgrade?

6.  Do you photos on your social media, website need       sprucing up?

7.  Does your visual brand clearly articulate and line           up with your brand message?

8.  Do you know what your brand message is?

9.  Do you want a refreshed brand look, changing   

       careers, starting a new business? 

10. Or, do you just want & need to celebrate a new



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