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Simply Me, Karen Marie Fashion Design below​​

Simply Me, Karen Marie Fashion

FASHION DESIGN: In the fall of  2021 covid kept me and others close to home looking for things to do. It was during this time,  I rediscovered a dream that I hadn't thought about in over 47 years, Fashion Design. I dreamed of becoming a fashion designer as a teenager with a desire to attend Fashion School. Baby Boomers were expected to get a 'real' job.  And I did, as a professor for over twenty years, but now it's My Time. and it's not too late.  I am free to return to my beloved dream and reinvent myself in the process.  While stuck at home, I began sketching fashion designs  in October of 2021, when a month later, my only child tragically passed away. While preparing for his art memorial as he was also an artist, I took a sewing class in the same space where I prepared his art work in our local public library. I loved the sewing class. it was like riding a bike, I jumped right back into it  As a kid, my mother sent me to a sewing class at Sears where I learned to sew,  but I never learned fashion design. There were very few people of color who look like me in this space.  In early 2022, I purchased a sewing machine and designed my very first outfit from a sketch I drew in Oct 2021.  The following October,  I attended Columbus Fashion Week and wore my first fashion design. A fashion design college student interviewing VIP guests said she loved my outfit and asked me who I was wearing. I was proud to say me! And this story will evolve Click to see some of my designs

I'm A Creative Artist.

I am Karen Marie Jenkins,  a creative artist, and lover of fashion who recently reunited in 2021 with my teen dream of becoming a fashion designer after a 20-year career in teaching at the university level. From 2009 until 2020 I became a personal brand photographer, serving female entrepreneurs, and creatives while teaching at the university until 2016.  My photography clients were primarily powerful women who desired non-traditional powerful images that captured their true essence and story.  I empowered my clients to bring forth their true authentic selves by getting to know them and their stories and how they truly want to show up.  The results are images of confident, creative, and genuine women that show up in bold colors, and imaginative, and powerful looks that are also fashion-forward.  During Covid, and mourning the loss of my son in Nov 2021, I found myself reuniting with my teen dream of becoming a fashion designer, teaching myself to fashion sketch again, teaching myself to sew.  To my surprise creating my own block paper patterns for designs for my unique outfits. As an always evolving artist, I have learned things always change either you change with it or you risk the possibility of leaving your dreams behind. Never stop learning and reaching for your dreams. They do come true

Currently, I am conducting only shoots in my studio;  a contemporary, upscale space. No more than two clients at a time. At this time I'm not serving families or group promotional work.​
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Simply Me, Fashion

Hello, I'm Simply Me,  Karen Marie

Former University Professor.

Former Personal Brand Photographer.

Fashion Designer & Illustrator.

Administrator of Treye Jenkins Smith Art Memorial Fund. ​​

Treye Jenkins Art Fund​

 ​ART MEMORIAL ADMINISTRATOR: At the close of 2021,  my son and only child Treye Jenkins Smith died in a tragic car accident. It was a very difficult time. I used creativity to help heal the pain, just as I taught him to do with art. My son was also a creative who favored pencil drawings, in particular portraits. He had an uncanny attention to detail.  To continue his legacy, last year we gave away a$500 scholarship to a local artist. This year, our focus is giving out art supplies to young people who love and practice art regularly with the view that art and creativity can help navigate through the pains and struggles of life while expressing love for art. This year we have three students who will receive art supplies. Click here for Treye's Art Memorial Page. Click to see his page.