• Anyone who wants unique, editorial magazine layout images.

  • Startup entrepreneurs who want brand level images for their products and services.

  • Those who are re-entering the workforce and need updated images.

  • Those who have or will be experiencing a major lifestyle change (i.e. retirees) and need unique images to compete in today's market.

  • Those who want unique, authentic and beautiful images.

Karen Marie Jenkins, is a Visual Brand Artist, Personal Brand Photographer, and writer who inspires others to embrace and project their authentic selves. Through Karen Marie's creative style of photography and inspirational writings, she empowers women to be bold and go for their dreams because she knows what it feels like to be unsure and not confident about oneself.  Karen is invested in supporting women and girls in visually communicating 'stand out' powerful images that align with who they are authentically and unapologetically.

Karen Marie is an artist with a creative and writer-ly approach for producing standout images. 

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Be Unapologetically YOU!

​​​​​​Karen Marie Jenkins: Artist

 Together, We Create Powerful Storytelling Images!

I am a visual artist who is passionate about serving female entrepreneurs, corporate women, and creatives who aren't afraid to step outside the traditional photography box. You don't come to me for basic pictures. My goal is to create engaging, powerful images by empowering my clients to bring forth their true authentic self without apology. That takes my storytelling and brand ideation process with an end result to visually tell your story in a confident, creative, and genuine manner that truly aligns with who you are while visually telling your story. My ideation process is in-depth, but together 'We will create bold statement-making images'.  

My images have landed me as a Stock Photography Contributor for the internally known i-Stock by Getty Images, & personally invited by the co-founder of Cavan Images, Peter Hannert who has worked with celebrity photographer Annie Leibovitz and Vogue, Teen Vogue, to name a few. ​​​Main markets: Cincinnati Atlanta and travel.

Karen Marie Images:

​Personal Brand Image consulting. Brand, Lifestyle & Editorial Photography.

Traditional Portrait Photography.

Creative headshots.

Executing Commercial/Advertising/Editorial level Photography.

Brand Ideation Brainstorming techniques.

Stand out images that capture your brand and tells your story!

 I am A
 Visual Brand Storyteller!

Who is Personal Brand photography for?

What is Personal Brand Photography?

Cap-ti-Vate Your Brand! 

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5.  Are you in transition from a career, a life change and you want and/or need a new and even bold look that visually communicates where you are going?

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I'm a Writer, Too!

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Personal Brand Photographer.  Visual Brand Storyteller.  Content Creator.

Personal Brand Photography is a niche type of photography that visually captures your story and projects your brand in an editorial magazine layout manner. Personal brand photography aims at telling your story while capturing brand elements in an authentic way. The great thing about personal brand photography is that your images are unique because you are!

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