Karen Marie Jenkins, is a Visual Brand artist, personal brand photographer,  and writer who inspires others to embrace and project their authentic selves. Through Karen Marie's creative style of photography and inspirational writings, she empowers women to be bold and go for their dreams because she knows what it feels like to be unsure and not confident about oneself, so she is invested in supporting women and girls in visually communicating a 'stand out' image that aligns with who they are: their brand message and their authentic stories! Karen Marie is an artist with a creative and writer-ly approach for producing standout images. 

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​​"Creating standout images that communicate your story with power, authenticity and truth!"

Your Atlanta-based Visual Brand Artist & Personal Brand Photographer:

​"Creating unique, standout images that are authentic to who you are, your story and personal brand!" 


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Personal Brand, Lifestyle & Editorial Photography

Execute Commercial/Advertising level Photography

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Special Event Photography

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​Karen Marie Jenkins

 I am A
 Visual Brand Artist & Writer!

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