Package 2: ​Special Friends rate:  

  • Reserve the Date Deposit: $155.00. 

  • "Day of Shoot fee/Balance due on or before "Day of Shoot").  

Package 3: Two looks/Two Locations/Two Dates:

Creative & Traditional Headshot Package $166.00

Package 1.

  • Reserve the date Deposit @ $183.00

  • Day of Shoot/Balance due on or before "Day of Shoot"

Package ​2.  Special Friends' Selected Discounts for Signature Brand 'Premier' Photoshoot: 
Selected Discounts, must show proof of membership before approved discounts are accepted!
eWomen, National Association of Professional Women (NAPW), BCWN (Sherry Sims), Ashaunda Davis' Nu2Atl, Sonia Jackson Myles' Dreamwalkers, Shantha Weatherhan: Branding with Purpose


Karen Marie Images & Branding


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Traditional/Corporate OR Creative Headshots

Package 4: Lifestyle/Portrait Photoshoot deposit: $110.00.

Day of shoot/balance due on or before "Day of Shoot.

I love capturing beautiful, boss women and creatives who love creative, and unique images! My passion and mission are to create a photoshoot environment that encourages you to stand in your power, authenticity, and truth so that we can create the most boss images!

Browse this page for my signature Personal Brand Photoshoot package' that features magazine-layout images, to my vibrant headshot package, Brand Image consulting and other brand visibility solutions that will elevate your brand image. Contact me to schedule your shoot 

                 We Deliver Brand Image Solutions for'boss-ass' women and

Creative Entrepreneurs!

Karen Marie Images & Branding


  Our Premier: Signature Personal Brand Image Photo Shoot:

                Visual Brand Consulting + Branded photo Shoot 

3. 'You Choose' Head Shot Package:  $135.00​ Click here for head shot gallery

Two Looks/two locations/two dates:
Combination of Traditional and Creative headshots   
One look per date 
7 head shots/upper body shots​.

$166.00: Payment Plan accepted:

  • Reserve the date Deposit  $83.00 

  • Day of shoot/Balance due on or before "shoot date

Karen Marie Images & Branding


Package 3: Traditional or Creative Headshots:

1. Reserve the date deposit: $90.00

​      Karen Marie Images & Branding​​

4. Lifestyle/Portrait Photoshoot session $220.00 includes the following:

Package 3: Traditional or Creative Headshots:

2. Day of Shoot/ Balance due on or before shoot date: 

6 head shots/upper body shots@ $135. 00
300 DPI

One Look
Basic editing included
30-45 minute shoot 

Payment Plan accepted: 
$90.00 Deposit Fee

Package 4: Pre-Shoot consult:

  • One 45 minute pre-shoot consult via telephone, face to face, or Facetime, Skype includes.

  • Color and style coaching session (Signature Creative brainstorming & branding session not included).

  • Up to two fashion changes and accessories. 

  •  On location selection. One location for shoot, no sub-area shoot locations.

Day of Shoot

  •   One hour shoot session.

  •   Limited usage of props.

  •   One, max two fashion changes.

  •   Full body, upper body and head shots included. 

Basic Editing & Refinishing

  •   Seven edited pictures, fifteen proofs to choose from.

  •   Photographer only selects pictures for editing and client viewing.   

  •   Editing includes general cosmetic work (i.e. blemishes, skin tone balancing) for an enhancing authentic            look.

  •   Per client request and our discretion, we can do additional editing; please note there are no guarantees. 

1.  Our Signature, 'Premier' Personal Brand Image package: $365.00 includes the following


Pre-Shoot Design & Style Consult:    (click to see Business Gallery)

  • Discovering call: 2 Face to face consult or Facetime/Skype, phone consultation to discuss overall brand core message.

  • Let's get to work: My visual brand process focuses on your personal brand for creating images that align authentically and creatively.

  • Advertising/Commercial magazine layout Quality Images.

  • Style Session: Support for selecting the right clothes, colors, accessories that line up with your brand message as found on your social media sites, websites, blogs, etc.

  • Selecting the right location (natural light) to facilitate core brand message (client participation welcome)

  • We offer personal shopping if you need help with choosing the right style for an additional charge. 

Photo shoot day includes:

  • 1 1/2 to 2-hour shoot in a relaxing and pampering environment.

  • One location for the shoot, but multiple shoot sub-areas within that location can be used within the time frame of the shoot.

  •  Up to 2 to 3 fashion changes/looks for the shoot.

  • Usage of props, accessories to enhance brand image look. 

  • Coaching: to support you in creating the right 'branded' look for your brand and storyline. 

Basic Editing & Refinishing:

  • Client package includes 10 edited digital pictures chosen from 20-40 pictures for viewing. 

  • Photographer only selects pictures for editing and client viewing.   

  • Editing includes general cosmetic work (i.e. blemishes, skin tone balancing) for an enhancing authentic look.

  • Per client request and our discretion, we can do additional editing; please note there are no guarantees.                                         

Total Package Price:                             $365.00 

Additional subjects in package @             $30.00
Personal Style Shopping for your shoot    $40.00

Additional pictures beyond package       $15.00 each or 10 for $100.00

Fees below are deducted from Total Package Price:

Payment Plan accepted: